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By Dr Zulfikar BuxAssistant Professor of Emergency MedicineAs we become more industrialized, there is increased air pollution. This along with other factors has ledDr Zulfikar Buxto an increase in cases of asthma worldwide.The 2014 global asthma report estimated that 334 million people have asthma. In 2011 it was estimated that 235 million people have asthma. One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the U.S. population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001. More than half (53%) of people with asthma had an asthma attack in 2008.Although there are not strong statistics,Cheap Jerseys, things are no different in Guyana. I am seeing more and more cases of asthma. Today we will discuss the triggers of asthma and how to minimize your chances against this risky condition.WHAT ARE ASTHMA TRIGGERS?An asthma trigger is anything that causes asthma symptoms or makes asthma symptoms worse. It’s important to know what your asthma triggers are. That way,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, you can avoid them so that your symptoms don’t get worse.WHAT ARE SOME COMMON ASTHMA TRIGGERS?Common asthma triggers are:Cigarette smokeStressGetting sick with a cold, the flu, or a lung, ear, or sinus infectionStrong cleaning products, such as bleachStrong perfumes or scentsAir pollutionCertain medicines, such asaspirinand other medicines for pain or feverExerciseVery cold and dry airPeople can have other triggers, too. These include things in the environment that they are allergic to. These are called “allergic triggers.” Examples of allergic triggers areust mites – These are tiny bugs that are too small for you to see. They live in beds, couches, carpets, and other places in your home.Mold – Mold can grow in basements, showers, and other damp and wet places.Dogs and cats – People can be allergic to animal saliva,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017, urine, or dander (flakes of dead skin).Pollen from trees, grass, and weedsCockroach droppingsMiceHOW DO I KNOW WHAT MY ASTHMA TRIGGERS ARE? — You might already know what makes your asthma symptoms worse. But if you don’t, talk with your doctor or nurse. He or she can help you figure it out by talking with you and asking you questions.Your doctor might do allergy tests to see if you have allergic triggers. Allergy tests include blood tests or skin tests. During a skin test, a doctor puts a drop of a substance that you might be allergic to on your skin,Cheap China Jerseys, and makes a tiny needle prick in the skin. Then, he or she watches your skin to see if it turns red and bumpy.WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN I FIND OUT WHAT MY TRIGGERS ARE? — The best thing to do is to stay away from your triggers. For example, if cigarette smoke makes your asthma symptoms worse, avoid people who are smoking.Here are other things that you can do:To avoid getting sick with an infection, wash your hands often.To avoid air pollution, stay indoors when air pollution levels are high, and don’t exercise near a busy road.Avoid using bleach and other strong cleaners.If you have allergic triggers, try to avoid the things you are allergic to:To avoid dust mites, cover your pillows and mattresses with special covers that keep dust mites away, and remove carpets from the bedroom.To avoid mold, clean away any mold that you see in your home. To keep mold from growing, use a dehumidifier, fix leaky plumbing, and remove carpets that were damaged by water.To avoid animal saliva, urine,Cheap NFL Jerseys, or dander, you can remove the pet from your home and clean your home after the animal has gone.To keep cockroaches away, don’t let garbage or dirty dishes pile up. Fix leaky plumbing so there are no puddles of water. If you have cockroaches, use traps to kill them,NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, or call an exterminator.To get rid of mice, set traps or call an exterminator.WHAT IF I CAN’T AVOID MY TRIGGERS? — If you can’t avoid your triggers, talk with your doctor or nurse about what you can do.Exercise is an example of a trigger that you should not avoid, because exercise keeps you healthy. To prevent asthma symptoms when you exercise:Take an extra dose of your quick-relief inhaler medicine before you exerciseWarm up slowly before each exercise sessionAvoid exercising outdoors if it is very cold out
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Paysinger spent the last two seasons in Miami, where he had 83 tackles in 29 games,Cheap Baseball Jerseys 2018, including three starts.

FLORHAM PARK,Cheap Jerseys 2018, N.J. (AP) — The New York Jets have signed former Giants and Dolphins linebacker Spencer Paysinger.
The 28-year-old linebacker was signed by the Giants in 2011 as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Oregon. Paysinger has 227 career tackles,Cheap MLB Jerseys 2018, including 70 on special teams,NFL Jerseys 2018, in 91 games over six seasons.
The Jets also announced that they have waived linebacker Randell Johnson, who played in one game for New York last season after being claimed off waivers from the Rams.
The move Friday fills the roster spot that was vacated when the Jets cut linebacker David Harris on Tuesday after 10 seasons with the team,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018.

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